How to Oven Roast Beets (then Store or Freeze)


Oven Roasted Beets are ready to-use for so many dishes, that you’ll probably won’t want to cook them any another way. And it’s probably the BEST way to cook beets since the natural juices retain during cooking.  Continue reading

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Lazy Chicken Pot Biscuit Casserole


This is like chicken pot pie in casserole form using biscuit dough. Biscuit scraps fluff up in a delicious creamy vegetable sauce creating one fairly quick and tasty casserole! This recipe is one of those staple recipes I make from time to time. It’s a keeper!  Continue reading

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Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Copycat Recipe


A must try recipe if you crave the Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell. A homemade Creamy Jalapeño sauce, grilled chicken strips and cheese are all stuffed into soft tortillas replicating the fast foods (Taco Bell) version.   Continue reading

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